Even as a child, Edita Varinska was interested in love relationships between men and women. First there were the fairy tales of prince and princess, but she was also a close observer of the everyday, which she captured in her drawing pads with colored pencils. She invariably drew from her imagination, but even here her interest in capturing figures in motion through drawing is visible. Later she was inspired by ballet, which she participated in alongside school. She strove to depict realistically and anatomically correctly the human body in its graceful movements. In the process of maturing, she slowly but increasingly moves away from imitating nature, the forms become simpler and more abstract, in short she searches for her own expression. Still it is not what is already blazing in her deep imagination as a small flame. She does not want to stay on the surface of the object, body, or event, she wants to go deeper, much deeper. She wants to capture feelings, desires, dreams, and relationships, that is, everything that cannot be seen, but which can be felt by everyone and which moves everyone. She also wants to capture movement and music on the canvas. With a gifted degree, she began studying painting at the University of Prešov/Slovakia in 1960.

In Cologne, where her marriage to a German brought her, and where the encounter with a wealth of art from all centuries, with many museums, with the exciting cultural life and with impulses of the latest art trends, confronts and fascinates her.

She explores all art trends, experiments and searches for her own artistic expression. In 1969 she finds her own pictorial language; she gives her paintings the name EROTOGRAMME. Here she starts from Plato’s teaching about EROS, among other things EROS as a POWER OF KNOWLEDGE, DESIRE for the BEAUTIFUL, INTERMEDIATOR between the HUMAN and the DIVINE. For Plato EROS is also the BEING of PHILOSOPHY. Edita Varinská belongs to the representatives of erotic art.

Edita Varinská was born in Slovakia, she had art, music and ballet lessons at an early age.

she studied at the State University Department of Fine Arts (focus: painting) in Prešov/Slovakia with a scholarship for gifted students. She passed her state examination with distinction.

she married and moved to Cologne on the Rhine.

she developed her own visual language, the EROTOGRAMME. She lives in Düsseldorf and is a member of the artists‘ association „Malkasten“.